The crochet mittens for bride

My friends are getting married soon. I was surprised when I was asked to make a set: choker and gloves. I didn’t know if I am able to cope with such a challenge.

Together, with the bride, we looked for a pattern. I found great choker, but it was a finished project for sale, not a pattern… It was important to me to make it on my own. I wrote to the Etsy seller Amalicro She explained to me generally how  to make that choker and I promise and will keep my promise that I will not make any more copy or sell it.

I lost a lot of hours on samples and ripping, but I did a gorgeous choker. I do not have an accurate picture.

As for gloves … A friend wanted to alluded to choker, of course. Again, digging in the internet resources … I bought pattern for 5€. I changed a little at the front and at the end, I added the lace from choker, a little diminished, reduced the volume on bride’s hands. And? In my opinion, it came out great, fortunately, not just in mine.


All together:


I finished everything on time.

Now I can finish my two tableclothes.

And how you like it?



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