Projects, which take ages to finish.

There is sometimes problem with needlework. You have not much time for your hobby, but there is milion ideas to make. It’s not wrong to have many ideas, it’s worse, when you try to start it all at one time. If you want make anything, you need materials. Who didn’t have the feeling as: “I love that pattern! I’m sure I will use it later” “I like that pattern, but who will wear that?” “Sale 3for2?! Maybe I will use that for…” “That yarn has so nice colours… I will make something like…” “I will buy that yarn, so I certainly start that tablecloth tomorrow…”

After you note that one basket is too small for all your resources… next one will not solve the problem… and you can see your not-finished projects in the corner. How to finish what you start?

At the beginning you should view unfinished projects and consider if do you want done it or not. If not… rip it and left yarn for another idea. You should make the list from the one, which left. what should you do as first, second… Work only on one project at the time, until you finish. It sound easy, but it’s hard to do. You can’t give up. The most important thing is to not start new projects.

What you can do with overstock? There is few ways to deal with it. You can sell unnecessary yarns. I always buy yarns only for the projects. At some point I stop, until I finish some of the projects. It’s good idea to make a gift for someone who want to start his journey with needlework. When you see your materials everywhere, you should say “stop” to yourself, for sure.

I ripped a lot of projects and lost hours of knitting/crochetting. It’s something normal, when you do needlework. There is one project, which I was doing from 2 years, but I finished! It’s a scarf for my friend’s birthday. He chosen colours and how it should be looking.

It was my beginning with scarfs. I want to make something different. The scarf is made horizontally rather than vertically. I counted poorly the sample. And so, after two years of torment, performing on the row 500 left stitches, I created this:

The scarf is very long, it has aroung 3 meters, but it’s beautiful. I have hope, that friend will find a way to wear it.

The most important is to not give up. Good luck.



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