Aran Baby Blanket – zig zag pattern

I love blankets and I couldn’t live without it. I also like to give gifts from my heart.  My friends are expecting a new family member, so I thought about blanket for a gift. I looked for pattern for few days, but, the pattern I used, I saw on the first day.

Oryginal pattern is here:

I used this pattern:

Did you know how hard is to find a right yarn for the project? The project’s author lives in USA, so yarn, which she used are not available in the Europe or are very expensive. I check the blend: 30% nylon, 70% acrylic, size of crochet needle: 6 mm, and then I looked for right colors of one yarn. It has to be also baby yarn. It took 2 weeks… I make shopping on Woolwarehouse. It’s great shop!

The yarn which I choose is Sirdar Hayfield Baby Chunky: 3 x brook, 3 x bouncy blue, 2 x white. Each 100 gram.

The project is growing very fast. In the beginning I counted every stitch, but later you can see what’s coming next.

I will not copy pattern to my blog, because I don’t think it is necessary. Just take a look on these pictures…

1.Skip the first stitch, it looks like I skip 2 of these, but one is from beginning stitch.


2.I put 3 stitches in the next stitch…



3.The moment before skip 2 stitches.


4.And after.


I will show you mine, when I will done. When will you start your own? If you have a question, just ask.

Good luck!


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