The hat made with tunisian stitches.

I promised myself a hat on the past winter, but I was doing so many angels I didn’t find time for a hat. When I won in shop € 100 voucher, I immediately bought materials for the dream cap, which I wanted a long time ago.

Crochet hook: 6,5 mm and 6 mm

Yarn: Sirdar Indie – Super Chunky Yarn 50g

You can find pattern here

It’s my hat:


I don’t have too many knitting needles and I didn’t see need to buy another one, so I made welt with crochet hook. I don’t know wich one way will be more comfortable for you. You should make welt on the beginning.

At the beginning we have to do a sample. I believe that this cap is very simple to do, because we start from the bottom, so we immediately can try on the circuit to our head, and then check the length. You should make several rows of Tunisian simple stitch, since under the method of crocheting yarn strongly refutes and loses its length.

How to bite Tunisian crochet, when you had never heard of or did not see how to do it? On YouTube there are many videos, including these: – Tunisian simple stitch – Tunisian Knit Stitch – I can’t find english name or even guide about that in English, so just look what she is doing. I will call that Tunisian left stitch.

We make the hat with Tunisian simple stitch, but welt is made of Tunisian Knit Stitch and Tunisian left stitch. I made alternately 2 Tunisian Knit Stitch and 2 Tunisian left stitch. You can try various way. I know that my hat is different from the original one. If you want the same as from the website, just follow the instructions there is given.

We made a sample, we know how long should be the first row. If we want to make a welt in the beginning, we have to make alternately Tunisian Knit Stitch and Tunisian left stitch.

Then I made 6 rows with Tunisian simple stitch. Then 2 rows, where I subtract stitch every 7 stitches. Next row I subtract a stitch every 5 stitches. Next rows I subtract every second stitch, I stop, when there left 8 stitches. If there is weird top, just unpick the last row.

To sew a hat we have to drag thread through all the stitches and firmly tighten. You should tie the thread underneath. We sew the hat on the left side. Thanks too a chunky yarn weaves are very visible and will adjust stitches easily. Do not clench the yarn too much. Now you have to only hide the threads and hat is ready to wear!

In my hat I experimented with colors using two balls of yarn at one time. There are lots of yarns on the markets that have the right colors for this type caps.

Good luck!

Don’t hesistate to contact me if you have any problems. or leave a comment.


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