How to make a teddy bear with the crochet hook?

I think so, that everyone dream to create something. Why not the teddy bear?

For whole body, excluding ears, I used that pattern:


I’m sorry, but I can’t find the source…

We should left a long thread at every ending of the parts. It will be needed to stitch together the teddy bear.

If we want to use “safety eyes”, we have to put them into head, before stuffing it.

We made the teddy bear with the spiral way. We don’t end every row with stitch, we just mark with markers , where is the first Single Crochet. Thanks to that, the seam will be unvisible.

The pattern for the mouth and ears you can find here:

When we have done all the parts, we gain on the needle the thread from the hand. We put the needle to the place on body, which suit for us, and then we drag the thread through the teddy bear on the other side (do not tighten too much). The needle injects the same place, which it just comes out and again through the hand. We repeat it few more times, and the thread, which left, hides in the teddy bear. We make the same with the second hand and the legs.

We sew the mouth around, please, be careful to not  tighten too much the thread. You should sew the ears in shape ) to nicely arranged.


You can make the bow, thanks to that site:

We sew the nose and the eyebrows in the way we dream.


I can’t give you pattern for the dress, because I just made it. You should start with crochet square neck, later, few rows with the same amount of single crochet, and then start to expand the bottom of dress by adding single crochet.


To make shoes, you will just need any pattern for kids shoes, just don’t make the whole sole. Then analogous to the formula, converting eyes, do it. The shoes are secured by a thread drag by leg.

Ms Teddy Bear looks like that:


It depends on you what size crochet hook  you use. The Teddy Bear was made with crochet hook 3,5 mm, and the clothes and ornaments 2 mm. The yarn is cotton.

When the child received a teddy bear in his hands, he began to dance with him, so I think that was accepted.

If you have any questions please write.


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