The tools crimes, with which I crochet…

To be able to create something you always need some tools. The stores have many beautiful sets, cases, pouches, crochet hooks in many sizes, softness, colors, same with the knitting needles, and even hundreds of accessories. The person would have most all racked up in his arms and walked toward the cash…

In my opinion, the best way is to buy tools, which you need for now. The sets are often very expensive and sometimes we will not use all the parts. I started crocheting with my mom’s crochet hook and knitting needles, some are maybe from my grandmother, and then, slowly, I bought better tools.

In one moment I had a lot of projects to do, so I needed many various crochet hooks. I bought the cheapest set, something like that:



The case is plastic, but it keeps hooks together. The crochet hooks are not so poor, you can craft something with it, but I can feel pain in my hand and smaller sizes… can break during the needlework. What’s then?  Then I go to the shop and buy better quality crochet hook.

I fall in love with company KnitPro, because I love their ideas and color, and additional my wool shop has a wide range of these products.

I got this set for my birthday:


Using them I could try tunisian stitch. It is very interesting. Iplan to do a hat with that method. As you can see, this crochet hooks looks beautiful. It is made from wood, so it is, in some way, warm. You can crochet with them for hours without pain in a hand.

When I created the tablecloth, I noticed that low-cost version of crochet hook damages very my joints. In the shop I came across this marvel here:


I forgot about the pain.

On a recent shopping I wanted to try a larger size crochet hook with a soft handle KnitPro. Here’s the result:

Of course I bought one … Again, level of comfort in relation to cheap crochet hook beat everything.

From time to time I order for myself a set of markers:

They have great colors, they are very convenient and fast to use … I highly recommend.


About the knitting needles or other things supporting the work I will write in another post, because this one would be too long.

If you have any questions, please write boldly.


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