Valentine’s Day is coming…

I don’t like this day and I don’t celebrate it, but it’s a new good reason to crochet something. There is a lot of patterns for hearts. I like more the flat one, which you can hang anywhere. 3D hearts  can be a nice addition to stuffed animals. I’ll show you some patterns. 83662464_large_0_8b063_5081b151_XL shema-vyazaniya-serdtsa These two graphics are one pattern. Thanks to the pattern I made the central heart: 10428606_901038023250721_1213272141450158381_n 10933981_901038063250717_312911571956778643_n   From that pattern it will be small heart. b1c0bb3d2ba3 This is the best pattern for me: DSC00063 10430494_898153680205822_8142090378995109343_n images serduszko_wzor_szydelko3 zolotoe-serdce-opisanie Enjoy.


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