Dream tunic – how to make – part VI – last

Download the pattern here.

We have to stitch together made parts.

We have 4 parts: front, rear, 2 sleeves.

I started from stitching together front and rear. At some point there is narrowing to stitch the sleeves. To this point we sew.

On this graphic it is shows the way how I stitch together 2 parts.


The graphic is from here.

During sewing it is good to divide our needlework with markers. It is important to do it evenly and with sequences. Put parts together their left sides out. The length of the thread to sew must be at least 2 times longer than the stitched piece. Drag the needle through 2 stitches. Every 1-3 move slightly tighten thread, but not too much so the seam will be flexible.


Then we sew the shoulders. Where are also narrowing passages that we leave. We sew sleeves turned left side out. We need to use markers. You can first sew the sleeves to the rest of needlework.

When we have stitched main part and arms, it remains the hardest part: sew the sleeves to the whole. I ripped 3 times to blouse well lay under armpits. You also have to check. For both parts are visible narrowings, make markers to whole, to know how to stitch piece together. Then it will be easier.


Once we have all the parts stitched together, we can finish cuffs  with the Bico graphics.



The entire neck we do 2 rows of single crochet, a row of double crochet separated with a chain, a row od single crochet.


The whole tunic looks like this:





In fact, it looks 100 times better. Suitable top underneath enhances beauty.

If you have any questions, please write.


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