Dream tunic – how to make – part V

Download the pattern here.

In this post I will explain how to make the sleeves.

I done sleeves by trial and error. I wanted to proper length and width. I repeated 11 times the graphics theme 1. Here (click) you will find a description of the design. I performed the twelfth repetition to half and made a single theme: two rows of single crochet, row of double crochet separated with chain, 2 rows of single crochet.

We start sleeve from the bottom, but we do the pattern on the upper part of the sleeve, as we can see:


The shape of the sleeve from the formula has 11 rows. It is a theme:


Including sleeve shapingI  have 16 rows of this theme.

The width over the entire length of the sleeve is one. At the bottom of the sleeves are quite wide, but it looks good.

We make 2 sleeves and finish botton with the graphics “Bico”.


Now we have only just sewing parts …


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