Dream tunic

I wanted to create for the first time for myself some clothes. Hat or scarf is a small challenge, but a tunic? There is so many different dimensions to overcome …

One day I came across this picture:


I felt in love … unfortunately I couldn’t find the pattern. I was looking for this in a million ways. In the end I found this, but it was a little difficult to read, the French description. On Ravelry (link here) I was able to find more images. After a long struggle, and the next few days of searching I found a pattern layout prepared by someone from Russia. I tried again to find this site to give it here, but I couldn’t.


As you can see, the pattern was very unreadable. I didn;t know whether it has 3 or 4 stitches chain, etc. In addition, it was my first such big project in my life, so I didn’t know where to start, and it started from the bottom …

I ripped this tunic out of 5 times, I tried to give the proportions of the images, and finally I was succeeded.

Download pattern here.

In the next posts I will describe how to do this tunic.


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